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~ tragic computer update ~
I keep promising to update and I feel like an asshole for stringing people along, so here's the story... Most of you know that I was slowly, SLOWLY working on fanfic updates but a sudden horrible event happened. Basically, my old computer that contained all of my fanfics, fan fiction ideas, and everything new & old that I'd been working on for the past 2.5 years died  >___< ... it was so sad, I kept whimpering as I pushed the on switch desperately and it wouldn't turn on for a good 30 minutes, I was forced to watch myself cry in the reflection on the lifeless black screen. When I stopped crying I took it to the Apple store and they basically told me that I had killed it due to my Yaoi and YoonJae porns obsession - I had downloaded so much Yaoi and boy love that my computer gave out & died.

Ok no, I'm kidding - this had nothing to do with Yaoi porns but basically my computer was old and the internal processor broke, but you get the gist of it >___<

They gave me the hard drive so hopefully I can find a way to resurrect it and extract my fics??? Maybe??

The moral of the story is Forehead's computer died but she will find way to get her fics off it!

[Note: Don't bring your computer to the Apple store if your background is of NC-17 YoonJae fan arts. Be careful so they don't open your browser & find your Twitter feed of nakey asian men. They will judge you and you will get strange looks from ppl nearby. Have the sense to clean up your laptop before you bring it in & for gods sakes back up your fan fiction on an USB drive or an external hard drive & don't be an idiot like me OTL...]


[One Shot] I'm Not Gay But I'm Pregnant?
Summary: A recent pregnancy scare shakes the foundations of Dong Bang Shin Ki brotherhoodwill they unite and support Jaejoong in his journey to becoming a mother or will he face with the insurmountable challenges of bringing a new baby into the world alone?

Pairings: YunJae (main focus)
Warning: CRACK. Extreme stupidity and foolishness.
Universe: DBSK
Genre: Crack
Rating: [PG-13]
Disclaimer: C-JeS cannot sue me because I do not make any profits writing this garbage.

A/N: Decided to write this to blow off some steam. I needed a laugh after a hugely stressful week, and TONIGHT IS MY BIRTHDAY XD Don’t judge me, this is something that I wrote for a shits and giggles and it includes very special smut part for a friend (she knows who she is 8D). For those of you who aren’t familiar with my extraordinarily whacked out sense of humor, this may be a bit of a surprise, lol. Brace yourself.
"I don’t know who the father is!”Collapse )

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